Chocoyo BIM service studio takes a systematic and hands on approach when working with clients to suit their BIM necessities. Our range of BIM services cover all of the building management dimensions including:

  • 3D modeling and parametric data
  • 4D dynamic scheduling
  • 5D dynamic cost estimate
  • 6D energy consumption analysis and optimization
  • BIM coordination and clash detection
  • Building simulation and effective review

We take time to understand our client’s needs and expected outcomes. Because of Chocoyo’s experience implementing and providing BIM services to owners, contractors, design firms and large construction companies, our team is able to tailor our tools to match the client and project requirements. Based on thoroughly studying every project, Chocoyo is able to perform efficiently and provide insights based on real world experience

Why is BIM important?

BIM or “Building information modeling” is the star player in the construction industry. It involves the process of modeling, generation and management of all the different disciplines and specialties. Building information management goes beyond the creation of a 3d model or a 2d design. The way we describe it here in Chocoyo BIM Studio is a streamlined process which enables digital simulations of the design in all of its stages and construction process in a way that allows coordination and management of all the project information we have available during the whole project lifecycle.

3d modeling and parametric data

Working with all of the different disciplines involved in the project, we are able to create an accurate virtual representation of the project. This is the first dimension of “Building Information Modeling” or BIM. This model can be worked in a number of different development levels depending on the necessities and requirements, as well as the budget or priorities that the client has. We work with industry specifications on different levels of refinement such as the following:

  • LOD 100 used for concept work and design
  • LOD 200 used for schematic design
  • LOD 300 used for detailed design
  • Lod 400 used for fabrication and assembly
  • Lod 500 used to create an as build model.

4D dynamic scheduling

Based on the highly detailed project resulting on putting together all of the different disciplines, parametric schedules can be created linked to the 3D model itself and all of its components. This will provide accurate information which will be updated if the project suffers modifications. 4d BIM brings time information to the table, making the source of information for the project even richer. This information aids our clients in shaping proposals from an earlier stage, much faster and more efficiently than traditional planning and management workflows. Because time related schedules are updated along with the project, collaborators can visualize the project at different stages and have a positive impact on the project timeline as managers are able to get feedback before the construction takes place.

5D dynamic cost estimate

Here at Chocoyo we perform an intelligent software assisted analysis and linkage of the 3D BIM models, disciplines and all of its components.  We manage 5D BIM in a way that it relates the 3D model to the time schedules as well as to the construction cost related information. The creation of an elaborate 5D model, enables all the parts involved in the project to visualize the progress of all the construction activities and how it is related to the cost over time. The 5D BIM services provided by us have an incredible potential to improve management, and efficiency of any project no matter the size or the complexity.

6D energy consumption analysis and optimization

When needed by our clients, 6D BIM is employed. All of the mechanical aspects of the building are analyzed and stress tested to determine the energy consumption and sustainability of the building. The concept of constructive system optimization, MEP, HVAC and other systems are scrutinized in order to make key modifications if needed to achieve an energy consumption decrease, which will result on significant cost saving for our clients. We create analytical models and simulations to achieve an optimal system performance and a project improvement. A 6D BIM model linked to physical simulations provides insight regarding the behavior of the building and gives insurance to our clients that their building will perform optimally.

BIM coordination and clash detection

Because of how complicated and how expensive construction problems in site end up being for the contractor, the designer, different specialist and even the owner, here at Chocoyo BIM service studio we specialize in performing a detailed analysis of all of the different dimensions and disciplines involved in the project. The project is brought to life in a virtual environment sequentially as it would on real life. As all the specialities are being placed together using software on site, we are able to identify and most importantly fix every system interference or collisions as well as problems that might present themselves due to the inherent complexity of construction projects. Client collaboration results in all of the construction and design related problems are fixed before they happen saving our clients money and precious time.

Building simulation and effective review

As the model is built, a construction simulation along with time schedules is created. All of the construction process is created digitally the same way as it would on real life so that the project management departments keep a better control of the development of the construction. This simulation and constant reviews with the construction on site help our clients perform a better time, human and economic resource administration based on the results provided by the full project simulation.

All of these dimensions are worked with the objective in mind of simplifying the lives of our clients, as well as the project management process. We are involved in all of the project construction stages and collaborate with the builders and contractors to manage the process avoiding all the different inconveniences that happen during construction. With software assistance and people specialized in the BIM management process we reduce the management and design errors to a minimum so that the departments and disciplines involved in the construction of the building perform efficiently, confident that our exceptional BIM process will properly managed the project and has identified and solved the problems before they happen.